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But I'm sure you would get great black levels and no Image retention The sammy just really made me paranoid I just want know if some buzzing would be normal, or if there should be NO buzzing at all. Like should I expect all plasma's to buzz somewhat? Or is any buzz a defect/flaw. I do hear a little buzzing on a bright Grey or white slide, since the TV needs more power from my normal viewing distance.I know it's been beaten to death on the forum I'm just trying to find a...
Now is that from ur normal viewing distance or if u put ur head behind the TV?From normal viewing distance I'm pretty sure it's in my head, but it is there if I listen to it behind my tv.Disclosure: I know I won't be watching my tv from behind it, and also more people are more/less prone to buzz because of many factors (hearing, age, etc). I would say I'm probably a little more sensitive to buzz because of my bass experience with Samsung. I just want to know if what I...
Just got my 65VT50 Saturday. Mounted it and running slides. Quick question about buzz. Is it normal for the vt50 to buzz behind the tv? If I put my head to the side of tv or behind it I definitely hear it buzz, and its louder on a brighter screen. Now sitting in front of the tv at my viewing distance I'm pretty sure I can't hear it. Maybe a little on Break in slides, quiet room, and no sound. (Or maybe its all in my head since im sensitive to buzz) But I was curious if...
Hmm interesting okay. So turn native off on my Directv box correct? and then for resolutions supported, just choose 1080i, and dont have any of the other ones clicked? would that also explain why my audio sometimes dips to really low settings then comes back up to normal volume without me touching anything. Kinda like a runner running at normal pace, STOPS real quick, then starts back up.
quick question. I have had my 2313ci for about 3-4 weeks now. I love it, has been great. I have had one problem though. With my Directv HR24-500, when im watching shows, it will sometimes "blink" like it will lose audio/video signal sync, it will cut out, then come back. so in a middle of the show, picture goes black, audio is lost, screen is black, then it comes back. Like a hiccup. And if i rewind the show, i can watch the part that it "hiccup" on with no problem. Tv is...
Ended up getting a great price on the 2313ci so got that. If onkyo was more reliable I would of gone with the onkyo but just reading the past few days it seems the Onkyo has some reliability issues
Good to know they are comparable. Ya the only reason I am thinking of paying more is the stories I hear about onkyo's reliability. That would be the only reason I would pay more for the denon. Till gotta decide
@commsysman the CS22 is the new center speaker of their line. [=http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/Speakers/Home+Theater+Speakers][/] 4th one down from the top @zieg thanks for the info. I was wondering why they changed it. @Neal I don't know if I'm allowed to say where I got them from. Now just to decided on reciever.
Interesting on the CS22 it looks like they dropped the Woofer size from 5.25" to 4". I wonder why they would of dropped the size. Anyone know why? wouldnt a bigger one be better, especially if it fits in the same size area. Is it possible for the 4" to sound better then the 5.25"?
Well i was able to Pick up the FS52s, for cheaper then the BS21s, Was able to get the CS22 for cheaper then the CS21, and Was able to get the BS22 for the same price for the BS21s. So i was able to save money to upgrade to the 2012 line up. So thanks for leading me on to the 22 Line.
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