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FYI Newegg is intermittently having some good deals on the RX-V1900.
OK, thanks for the info.
Well CES has come and gone with no real surprises. Anyone have any thoughts on my dilemma? Cliffs: have RX-V596 Trying to decide between V1900 and V2065
Hello all! I am in need of replacing my RX-V596 as it has no HDMI. Thinking of a 1900, but I am unfamiliar with the Yamaha rollout of new products. I know CES is in a few weeks, can I expect to see an actual 1900 replacement then or not at all for this year? Anyone know of any good deals to be had on the 1900? Seems to still be selling for MSRP $1299,same as the 2065. I mainly watch video (DVD) and HDTV (70%), with 30% being two channel Stereo with either CD or...
Looking for someone to run speaker wire in my already built and occupied house in Phoenix, AZ. Actually, I need them to replace what the previous owner put in, and extend the runs for the rears to the floor instead of having them terminate just below the ceiling line. Anyone have a vendor they have used and been happy with in Phoenix? Thanks.
For the record, my screen (2 replacement LCDs, then a replacement set) works perfectly now, but my remote seems to have some issues turning the set ON. All other functions work fine, but the ON function fails one out of every five tries or so...
Don't mean to thread hijack, but has anyone else noticed a significant degradation in the quality of the COX HD feed? I am in Phoenix (NE Valley) and have found a noticeable difference over the last few weeks. Anyone else with COX notice this?
So no one else is having issues with the remote not powering up the set? Remote works fine, just doesn't turn on the set...
I had the three lines. Call Mitsu, they are aware of the issue, and will do an in-home panel swap. I had three panels go south on me before the replaced the whole set. I don't really think it was the lcd panel, but rather the electronics, but 4 panels later I have a set that almost works perfectly!
Anyone have any issues with the remote POWER button not actually turning the set on? The remote lights up when I press the power button, so I know the remote works, it just doesn't turn on the set. If I manually turn on the set, all the buttons on the remote work just fine, including the power button to turn the set OFF. No obstructions between the remote and the set, in fact I even hold the remote right in front of the set to try... Man, I have the worst luck with...
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