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1. I agree with this. The big displays with lots of action and the brain wants to take it all in and cannot. And if your brain is tired, even worse. 2. In connection to #1, I think our brains need to "learn" how to watch these big bright displays in low ambient light. 3. I think a new TV needs a few hundred hours (maybe more) to "settle down." Just let that TV run and run and in the case of plasma, give the pixels and phosphors a chance to get broken in. Rack up 1000...
Can someone help me with the Vierra Connect lineup on these players? I think I read that the Panasonic TV's have a "larger" selection than the Blu-Ray players. Do these blu-ray players have UStream, the 2 weather apps, and the Vierra Connect Market? I ask because I read that the new models will have the same lineup as the TV's, and was wondering what is "missing" from these models.
Great observation, so true and good to know. Maybe can find a Panny 50x1 from 2009, which also has more pixels than the X3 (1366x768 instead of the 1024x768).
Hopefully it just fried an internal fuse. I would expect the TV to be protected in that way...but you never know.
G20 looks same as GT25; it is that yellow transformer top and center in the full back image. For the GT30 it looks like there are now two or even three big yellow transformers. EDIT: I think the big two together may be coils, and the one with the two yellow sections is the transformer. And look where it is placed: Almost right IN THE CENTER! Can compare with this thread:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...ighlight=found
I have read that some GT30 owners are still having the directional buzz problem as well. The fix was for transformers where the core developed a hairline crack, and the thread starter made a "frame" out of cable ties and tightened the core. I was in the process of doing this when I received notice of an unexpected move which I am still in the middle of. So my followup is on hold. I don't know if mine is cracked, but just wiggling the transformer I could diminish the...
Sorry I'm still around for a bit yet... I don't think the 9g monitors had the DSE (dirty screen effect). And Pioneer had an "energy save mode 2" which pretty much took care of the buzzing with minor effect on picture brightness. Wish Panasonic had that would probably take care of most buzzing issues.
OK I hear you (or maybe I "read" you). I am just in a "don't worry be happy" mood today. Somedays in the big picture scheme of life having a more perfect TV does not seem like a top priority. Did I just say that?? I will check out now. Hope a Pioneer falls in your lap at a great price. Be patient, keep an eye out. They do show up on Craigslist
How big of a "tech-head" are you? (Right...I'm asking this to someone on AVS.) If you get a good deal I would say pick one up. I have seen a Kuro next to a good Panasonic and could see differences. But I can watch the Panasonic GT25 I have and be blown away and enjoy the heck out of it. Sometimes it all becomes a "King of the Hill" game if you know what I mean.
I think there are a variety of buzzes and that is why this discussion gets going in too many different ways, and is hard to sort out. Just ends up causing stress for the potential buyer and one does not know what to do.
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