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Was wondering, how prevalent is the "halo effect" with this projector? It has been discussed in this thread and a review on Amazon mentions it.
Recent purchase of a 50GT25 and I thought the dithering was more than normal. Ran the same source material into a Kuro 500M and gee it had the same dithering. I think we can be overly critical (and paranoid) of a new display. Source material is everything. And larger panels show the imperfections. Like others have suggested, maybe let the panel break-in and settle down before making any judgment.
Great post, Thank You. You took the time to get into some of the subjective aspects of watching these HDTV's. I too have the "sensitive eyes" issue depending on the content and resolution. One size does not always work for some of us; I like your idea of a scaler on a 55 inch.
Careful...she will probably end up with the Kuro... Sounds like the Netflix built in has a top priority. How about notching up to the Panny S30?
dunkman23, Hope you can report back with your decision and evaluation.
Well a local Costco here will have a 46" I probably will return to them. I have no idea how Costco sells their returned TV's. 50" for myself is needed (wanted) for the 11' away I sit. I have lived with a 42" at that distance and while it "works," it does seem small, especially when viewing a high-def image which seems to cry out for a larger size. From about 5-6' could probably be fairly satisfied with a 42 inch. Even though the GT is a great quality TV, I would...
I would check out if the Panasonic X3 has a glare filter for one. If it has the internet options that would be a bonus over the Sammy. Another thing to check is the one pane "design" as mentioned (I think this still means a pane of glass over the plasma panel but placed closer to eliminate double image). Check if the Panny has the double image when viewed at an extreme angle (easiest to see with text). This does not bother me with an older Panny that I have...
Quote: Originally Posted by dunkman23 The Samsung PN51D450A2. It doesnt say it has any of these internet features does this TV come with any? And does it have wifi? Im liking the 1 inch larger screen at the same price as the Panny. Sammy no internet features hence no WiFi. Am watching this TV right now setting it up for someone else. I think pretty nice; the extra 1" makes a difference as I look at the 50" I have in the same room. A...
Could be they keep running out and then stores send some of their inventory to them for online purchase. Local Costco here still has a few on the floor. EDIT: Hour later it's back lol.
Buying a 2011 model will also give one more "fun" at AVS. Once the new models are out the forum threads will be dominated by them, and the older model threads will start to fade.
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