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the price is higher than anticipated for the new model.
Noticed the same on last years G15. From my research this was said to be a feature of the TV (no overscan) and could not be changed. Mine was noticable on just the right side of the screen...maybe needed a slight horizontal centering but did not explore myself if this could be done. Even still, the THX mode did look very good.
That is how far ahead Pioneer was in its quality, and their sets had the price tag to match. But yes, who was willing and could afford to pay? It is just one of those glitches that many of us have Pioneers and got them at the price we did. Good for us but sad for Pioneer that they had to "give them away." Pioneer is said to be struggling financially right now. I hope they make it. Here was a company that was all about perfecting the plasma technology and they did not...
Pioneers are scarce and the word is that they (especially 9G's) are still superior to the current offerings. Panasonic will have new models next year...hopefully.
Thanks for pointing that out (limits of HTPC). That is why this whole streaming adventure is "buyer beware." You get this and don't get that...the new version will add this...a firmware update will add that...etcetera... Too much confusion and need more maturity in the streaming market. But with rapid changes and always new offerings I don't think it will ever settle down that much. IMO streaming is the new great adventure and it is "great"...just very...
Also with the reduced price one may be more inclined to live with a somewhat "minor" issue rather than returning it to be refurbed again. That is always the tradeoff gamble with any refurb.
One cannot access all the available videos on YT that can be accessed with a PC. Limited content. If the companies advertised their product as "limited access" it would be more accurate, but not as desirable IMO. So there is the argument for keeping streaming separate from Blu-Ray. Just find a good quality BR player and find a more adequate and "complete" device for streaming (such as a HTPC). Some may be satisfied with limited access. That Lenova Nettop on the AVS home...
I am all for streaming and do not mind that it is being incorporated into Blu-Ray players. Everything is sort of pot-luck though; I do not like that the You-Tube streaming on Panasonic (and probably others as well) is a "partial" version of YT; can only access a portion of the available videos. The companies advertise YT streaming and one thinks "great," then you find out it is not as great as it sounds. The whole streaming market IMO is wide-open chaos right now...
Considering this model, but may as well wait for the new model at this point.
Try "power save 2." I can only hear a buzz in pure silence, and the sound always masks it, even when there is not much sound happening. Yours must really buzz?? Don't know on conditioner.
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