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It's the power supply. I bet your commercial panels are nowhere near as thin as the consumer models, is that correct? That could be why you don't hear it.I heard the buzzing for a week or two on my VT50 when it was new (on bright white scenes). Now either I don't notice it, it's reduced (somehow), or I'm losing my hearing.
It could be the HDMI cables. Adding another component to the chain could be enough to push them over the edge.I had my entire setup ran with Amazon HDMI "BlueRigger" cables, and I was getting not only dropouts, but a faint colored (often red) "digital snow" at times that could only be seen in black, across 3 separate sources, going directly to the VT50.One by one, I replaced the BlueRiggers with the 2X as expensive MediaBridge brand (a whole $10/cable ) and it solved all...
That's a pretty good question. I doubt it's a problem today, but I don't design these things so I have no idea. The reason for that original idea was due to the in-rush current causing stress on components during a power-on, but I'd imagine that problem has been largely solved (with regulator circuits). But again, I could easily be talking out of my ass here.
Without look up the spec list, I believe (at least for the panel) it's 600 Hz, but it's very much a paper spec (vs anything you'd notice with your eye). When it comes to the displayed picture, due to the way plasma works (vs LCD), 24Hz isn't practical. You can still see a strong flicker even at 48Hz, which is why they offer 96 Hz for 24p content. Most people still run it at the standard 60 Hz with a 3:2 pulldown due to some perceptible flicker even at 96 Hz, depending on...
AutoCal has not been popular because it's widely agreed that you can still get a better calibration by hand, at least on a VT50. That said, what we saw in CalMan 4 was apparently the first draft of AutoCal. The newer one in 5 is supposed to be much better, but the verdict is still out, especially since CalMan 5 hasn't launched yet for consumers- just business.Any calibrators get to try AutoCal in the CalMan 5 Business edition yet (on a VT50 hopefully)?
Speaking of which, have you seen this page yet? It's SpectraCal's Calman 4 -> Calman 5 upgrade path. So far it seems pretty generous. Those of us with CalMan DIY + the spectro add-on will automatically be getting the highest-end version of the Calman 5 HT (Enthusiast).A greatly improved user interfaceA vastly expanded help system, with extensive tutorials on calibration topicsA helpful new preset selection toolThe innovative CalMAN 5 dynamic range controlPrinting...
FYI- if purchased from SpectraCal, you also get a tripod holder. It's their custom design, however. I believe they can also be purchased separately.
Interesting results... he did get his original settings from wm, correct? He never did say explicitly that I can recall.So it looks like on your VT50 those settings are lacking in blue. This is a good demonstration of what happens when you move settings from one TV to another. What's surprising is that the overall gamma, while isn't great, isn't bad either. Perhaps that can translate better, but overall WB would shift a good deal.
Is your BD player set to 24p output? That's a requirement.
For a logo that was static for about 30-60 hours of programming (rough estimate), it took about 2 days to make it impossible to notice in other content- 6 days to make it disappear from the slides entirely.I don't claim to be an expert in what causes the problem, or what cures it, so it could be that a scrolling bar would work better. A bar would definitely deliver a more intense "white" since the ABL kicks in if too many pixels are lit. I got the "all white screen" tip...
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