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We picked up a 4065 from Amazon and have had it up and running much of the past 36 hours (since installation). We've watched a variety of SD, HD, DVD sources and have noticed NO uneven backlighting. I *did* turn the backlight down to about 5 or so, with the belief that this will extend the life of my backlight. Bumped up the brightness setting a bit to compensate. Our PQ is outstanding. Nothing short of outstanding, mind-blowing, great. We're happy and have not had...
I've tweaked backlight (reduced) and brightness (increased)...but nothing beyond that, yet. I have not yet gotten deep enough into the manual or settings to know your AMW / AMV reference, but I'll be carefull. Thanks for the heads up.Based on my information: T-TULPAUS0-1036, Aug 24, 2007 12:52:19 T-TULPAUS5-1011 CS[D652][40(AMV)-inch] I'd guess that 1036 is one of the newer firmwares for the xx65 series...unless I'm doing wrong math Can you clear this up? Thanks, Paul
Ordered from Amazon on 19 January and it was delivered to us yesterday (24 January). T-TULPAUS0-1036, Aug 24, 2007 12:52:19 T-TULPAUS5-1011 CS[D652][40(AMV)-inch] No problems/issues/complaints. Outstanding PQ right outta the box. Will likely try and do some calibrating this weekend to fine tune it. -Paul
I personally would not buy anything to drive my speakers unless it was THX certified. That's just my low-tech, beginner HT opinion. Anyone else? -p
....riiiiight. If so, then this alone clearly shows the difference between PS90 and Platinum. Color aside, there appears to be something happening in the material on the left that sets it apart from the material on the right...
mech, Please point out the materials here: What I'm curious about is the "sparkle" in the material at the left of the picture: Thanks, Paul
it's not bad...but it pushes blue (in my experience) and tends to make flesh-tones look off. -p
MM, Thank you for the kind words. I am a little frustrated at this point because: - I am relatively new to HT and laminates - I am totally excited by the "bang for buck" quality of DIY - I am totally excited by the positive qualites of laminates - I love photography, but am completely challenged by capturing accurate screenshots If I get time (my son was born 4/10 and, as you may guess, am slightly busier than usual helping the wife) I will do some shots with the laminate...
Okay. I accept the "redo" on that assignment. After this weekend, I'll attempt a different set using different material and different exposures. -p edit: It does look better in person. The challenge is capturing it.
Response to mech's shots: Notes: Extremely little hotspotting (not really noticeable when watching). Brighter whites, darker blacks. Better contrast, overall. Very lively and vivid material. They really use this for a countertop??? Nice colors--VERY watchable with the lights on. Hmm...maybe I can install this before superbowl.
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