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Damn, I can't believe i started this thread almost 7 ~6 years ago and some are still enjoying this set
worth noting the DL was 3gb, and all the textures and assets are 1/4 their final size/quality.
Linus has a review on youtube... he opens with "it's the best gaming, wireless headset i've encountered."edit: take that as you will, I usually enjoy is reviews on pc gear, but after watching this review he kinda shows that he doesn't really know what he's talking about as far as gaming audio/headsets go... for him the feature set and trade-offs or drawbacks are best in that package, but he also says he prefers stereo gaming to dolby headphone and that as far as audio...
that post was 5 years ago, can't really even remember what it referenced
I bought both, had the PS4 first while looking for the xbox one, played through a bit of killzone and then my wife found an Xbox One, i was excited when i hooked it up and just used the HDMI cable from the PS4.... haven't plugged my PS4 back in since.
I do prefer the AD700, though others think they're ugly too... but if the ADG1 is anything like the AD700, then the ADG1 will be the best on the market for competitive gaming at home... Personally i think they look great.
Been a long time... (Sup MLE!), still using the pc360's and enjoying them, tempted with the ADG1 though.
Is there an XB1 BF4 gamertag list? I know many more AVS'ers are playing than what I see edit: skimmed the thread and added some from your signatures (mostly people i've played with from halo 3 to bfbc2 to bf3 or 1943), old gt was formulan3rd, it's now AHHHR32
saw something about this on reddit... apparently the update isn't seen until you open the game (kind of how battlefield 3 on 360 would require you to download some things from the main menu > store, not from xbox live)
alright, I wasn't the biggest fan of BF3, but I think I'm back for BF4... good games tonight with jammy, buc, dallas, etc.
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