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Thanks HockeyoAJB, for the thorough reply.I am aware of all the good points you made. I guess it is a bit of wishful thinking on my part to have this resolved sooner rather than later. I still believe however, that most of these specs, will go the way of "deep colour" ie they will never see the light of day, for there are far too many people/ industries wanting their piece of the pie.ThanksPaul
Thanks Scott for the reply.Perhaps I am not grasping the full scope of this entire UHD "frame work".......... but couldn't the electronic TV companies, given today's technology, be able to put out a TV that is capable handling a (4K, DCI/P3, 4:4:4,12 bit (or at least 10bit), HDR, 120HFR, HEVC) signal? (forget for a second that there is no consumer content available with all this criteria)My point is, BUILT A TV SET that is capable of the UPPER LIMITS of this "frame work",...
I am not 100% sure, but I believe the last time the "committees" tried to resolve our current HD standards, the government had to push them along or in some way strong arm the stalemate.I really hope they figure this out soon, because I do not want to be waiting another 1-2 years until the UHD format standards is finalized.From what I am seeing, I believe that for the near future (2-5 years) we are going to end up with 4K, DCI/P3 colour space, 4:2:2,10 bit, HDR & 60P.You...
The packaging reminds me of the OPPO BD players boxing method (very nice).....BTW thanks again for the pics.P.S. What are the approximate dimensions of the one connect box? Guessing from the photo (2"H X 7"D x 14" L)?????ThanksPaul
This is a copy of post #1164......I am stil not sure if this reset applies to a Pioneer 6010 (non Elite).ThanksPaul
Completely agree!!Paul
Will this work on a Pioneer Kuro 6010 (NON Elite)? Thanks Paul
"That said, initial reports indicate that the new UHD/4K streams do not quite rise to Blu-ray quality."....... Thanks Mark, I just wanted to say that based on the initial reports, it looks like we still have a long way to go before we see anything decent in 4k. I really do not understand this, most cable/sat providers can barely get you a decent 1080i or 720p signal as is. Others (Roku, ATV, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu) are OK at best, provided you have the speed and bandwith...
Congrats guys on the new set, do post some pics if you can and do give us a brief review of the set's overall performance. Thanks in advance Paul
Congratulations Scott.....looking forward to the next 200 episodes. Big fan of the show. Paul
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