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So BF4 at some point in the future. I'm not sure I'm going to get the next XBOX might end up getting the PS4. Hopefully by that time I'll have more free time to catch up with everyone! What systems do people plan on moving to?
I know the burnt out feeling, I haven't even picked up a console controller in a month or so. Think I'm going to cancel my gamefly subscription as well. Just don't have the time for gaming, wish I did but it's reality. At the end of the day I have just enough time to spend five minutes on war commander on facebook and that's about it! Will probably get the next console though...
Oh okay thanks emartins, it was a nice match for sure!
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/battlereport/show/71123880/2/186027158/ Okay weird stuff, all of my sniper rifle ribbons counted as sniper rifle medals. With double xp weekend I got 228,329 in a single match, lol. Downloading the latest DLC right now. BTW this was my first match in 2 months!! Hope this glitch stays around for a while, lol.
I need to get on and download the new DLC as I have premium. Sounds like some good changes have been made, guess I'll fine out soon! It's been like 3 months since I've played, lol.
I play on PS3 and have zero friends. I have a level 36 commando and paying through TVHM right now.
What's up everyone? Haven't been on in a while, family is taking a lot of my time. Been playing borderlands 2 on PS3. I would like to get on soon, hope to see you all on the battlefield.
Anybody here have this on PS3? My xbox is going to go out anytime and I wanted to play this game so bad, but don't want to completely miss our on COOP opportunities.
I have no friends on PS3 but am getting borderlands 2 really soon. Please send me a FR if interested in playing some COOP with a newbie. Atlienzz1979
Haven't seen many of you on lately. Been trying to play an hour every night, must be just missing you all hopping on. DK Nemesis has been on but my mic has been broken, sorry DK! Almost to 4K kills with the SKS. It seems like every other page on this thread is blocked by my job, really stinks. Hope to see you all on soon. When is double XP and armored kill?
New Posts  All Forums: