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Okay, I've asked this once and it's been answered (see previous page), but if it's okay with everyone I'd like to double check, as I may be getting the terminology wrong.People are saying the more zoom you use the more light you use.But I asked if it's better placed closer of further away, and people said closer is brighter.But surely you use more zoom if you place it closer.Sorry for being confused.Steve W
My screen is 1.1 gain. Steve W
My screen is effectively 114" - you think that would be okay?By the way, regarding recent discussion on zoom & brightness, how far away from your screen is the projector?Cheers.Steve W
You see, that's okay.If you get a dud, they'll replace it. If more units are duds you've more chance of getting one, but that's not really the end of the world. Having to replace it 4 times until you get a good 'un would be bad, but I'm guessing that's not what we're talking about.If one unit only puts out 500 lumens and the next 700, and you get a 500 lumens one and you need more for a larger screen, it's no good if they say it's not going to be replaced as it's 'within...
Difficult to say, really. It's new technology - they're clearly able to do LED at a far lower price than anyone else. Maybe things will stabilise as the tech has settled. Maybe people are calibrating in different ways?At the top end, it's fine for larger screens - that's the big problem. It's not that the Optoma HD91 isn't bright enough for big screens, it's that some units, as calibrated by some people, are bright enough, whilst others aren't.Of course, it depends...
I'm quite maddened. Every review I read says something different - and not just in matters of opinion. A big issue is whether the projector will be bright enough. The post-calibration lumens measurements have been quite different, running from maybe 500 up to almost 700. It's been suggested before, but I'm seriously wondering whether or not there is greater variance between different units than usual. Steve W
Interesting comments about the lens and brightness. Am I reading this right? If you need as much brightness as possible, you're better off placing it as close to the screen as possible on minimum zoom - yes? Steve W
It's quite bizarre that their criticism is that it's very difficult to calibrate, and impossible to get fully right.One of the projector's biggest strengths (according to other reviews) is how easy it is to calibrate and how excellent the colour is.The plot thickens.Steve W
At this point it's clear you didn't read my comments.Steve W
A word they use for black levels on many DLPs, including some far more expensive.The surprising thing here - I think a lot of people are being very rude about AVF's reviews. And yet Zombie's comments (as well as those in other reviews listed) are pretty much identical.I don't think the debate is how well the projector performs in each area. I think the debate is caused by different people's priorities for a projector.I've found Zombie's comments and criticisms to be...
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