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Count me as entered.
I am new to this. I read through about 20 pages of this but did not see this covered. I have a very large room. I would like to make a 6ft by 11ft screen. Any recommendations?
The PC is a year and a half old HP Media Center PC m7470n with 2 SATA connectors on the motherboard, the original hard drive is connected to the first SATA connector and I connected the Hitachi 500gb to the second SATA connector. In the BIOS it says the SATA-1 adapter is enabled. I go to Disk Management and rescan but it does not find the disk. I use DISKPART and rescan, but it does not find the disk.
I am new to this. I replaced a Hitachi 500gb drive in my enclosure with a 1TB Hitachi drive and it works great. I am trying to use the 500gb drive in my PC as a secondary drive but my PC does not seem to 'see" it so that I can reformat it. Any suggestions?
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