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There's two types of separates in my way of thinking (and ignoring a 2 channel music setup, which is another discussion.) 1) You augment a receiver with external amps 2) You have a processor, with no amps, and add amps 1) Tends to be cheaper. Whether you need to add amps to a receiver depends on many variables which I am too tired to cover in detail - desired SPL, room size, speakers, acoustics, etc. I feel a good quality receiver, which might set you back more than a...
mcsoul is dead on. There's two points on which a phono input on a receiver differs from a line level input. A phono pre amp does the same thing a phono input on a receiver provides. 1) Higher gain, because the phonograph (turntable) puts out a small signal, compared to something like a CD player 2) RIAA equalization which is needed to compensate for technical limitation of the vinyl medium
I see Onkyo labels their jacks in the standard (I think they are standard) colors. That's helpful if you have the color scheme memorized (easy to look it up as well I assume.)
Is the XPA-7 ever going to exist? I believe Emotiva products when they become available for sale. Otherwise, I don't believe.
I have same problem with my speakers (B&W) or my ears...can't say for sure They sound great for music though.
Worst heat producing rx I owned was the rxv2700. Painful to touch top. But that was likely due to the heat the video related chips generated. I believe they got cooler after that, like my z7. My crown Amo, and Emo amp are cool to the touch. My TiVo, ps3 and tv are probably the worst offenders for heat.
The Yamaha won't put out 400 watts of heat. That would be like 6 60 watt light bulbs. I don't believe it.A 300x7 watt amp, unless it was class A, which would be crazy, will put out nothing like 2100 watts. My amps run cool to the touch. For movies, expect little average power used. If you want rock concert levels, that's different maybe. But still, I would not expect anything like 2100 watts. I am not an engineer, so won't calculate system efficiencies. But I think...
2000 watts of heat?? Why?
I dont place too much stock in ratings. You can go crazy obsessing about such things. Only receivers I owned which seemed to have more than enough power for music and movies were my Yamaha 2700, 3900 and z7. For movies, my 600 series was fine. But for music, it seemed to run out of power. My ears run out of capacity before my z7 does. Which tells me that that thers a few levels of "enough power". I personally am not that interstested in the lower models based on...
850 VA puts it more in line with higher end receivers maybe? It would be a nice match for a lower powered receiver with pre outs, or their own budget pre-pro. Sadly, they don't put pre outs on the most low-mid range models (why did Yamaha pull pres outs from the 600 series?) But I am not sure it would offer a lot more performance than a higher end receiver sans external amps. Look at those higher end THX rated Onkyo models. I have to think the UPA would be of no help...
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