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Has anyone calibrated their tv for use with Xbox One? I've tried using the built in calibration stuff Microsoft included but it's really rough on my eyes. I have good vision but it's difficult to read stuff, especially on COD:Ghosts. If any of you have a good calibration can you share settings please.
Mine is just collecting dust but since the Xbox One isn't compatible with the 360 HD DVD player I guess my Toshiba will be moved back into my rack.
I'm experiencing issues when I switch audio from tv to receiver. Sometimes I just want to watch tv without surround sound but when I switch the setting lately the Dolby digital won't work. I have to restart my system.
I just bought an Xbox One and it has three options for color. Does the 54g20 support color depth over 24 bits per pixel?
I knew I couldn't be the only one with picture issues. It actually makes my eyes strain.
I'm trying to figure out how to set it up with my HK receiver. I want to be able to watch my tv with stereo and at other times just through tv speakers.
Yes, and this was the first step that I tried.
I ran set-up hooking my Directv Genie up with HDMI out to HDMI in on the XB1, from there an HDMI cable runs from out on XB1 to HDMI in on my HK receiver. Completing the set-up an HDMI is run from the receivers out port to my plasma. Everything was working fine but then Directv stopped working. It won't work on the XB1 or with the XB1 off just using the passthrough feature. Help?!
Is it possible HK can add HDMI pass through via a software update? Switching audio from my surround sound to the tv takes too many steps IMO.
I'm leaning towards the Smart Control but I've read that controlling the volume is screwy. If you turn it up sometimes it goes all the way up potentially blowing some speakers. Anyone experience this when using their smartphone as controller?
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