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Do those of you with the XBA BT adapter find that even with the [PS3] XBA Mic preset (TB says that's what you are supposed to use for 360/PS3), you still have to raise your voice or even have the mic almost touching your mouth to be able to have people on xbox live hear what your saying?
You have to agree though that we got the hard stiff one from TB on this!
I've been looking for them too, no luck yet though! I think it's BS how turtlebeach isn't making them available for PX5/XP500 users, I highly doubt I will ever buy anything from them again, I mean these aren't $20 headsets!
What keyboard are you guys using?
It would be cool if the iPhone app would work with this tv, oh well!
Where can you go to see what FW updates include? Mine says 3.70 is available but there is no description on what the update includes?
I recently purchased one of these for an upcoming trip to Europe. I bought the 16 & 32GB Sandisk SDHC Ultra memory cards. What are the optimal settings, I plan on buying the wide angle lens attachment for widescreen viewing.
Anyone have a link for the AVS Calibration Disc?
I just got my Panasonic webcam delivered today, is there anyway to make the video fullscreen?
How/where do you check your manufacture date?
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