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I only see the 2.00, where do you see the new FW? Also I have an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station router(N), and i was thinking of just buying an Airport Express and running the LAN cable from it to the LAN in on my new G20 since they are about the same price as the Panny Wifi adapter, has anyone done this? This should work right?
Do you know where D-Nices "Post Calibration" setting are, I must have missed them!?
So after going through the entire thread has anyone been able to use a non official Panny wireless wifi usb adapter?
Ok guys I just returned my Hitachi 55" LCD and bought the 54G20 today at Sears. The colors are so much better now! I was wondering if you have to use D-Nices settings in conjunction with the break in slides or just for everyday viewing. I have no intention on running slides for 100 hours, thats what the 30 return period is for me. I dont seem to have any humming which is good but I play alot of MW2 via 360, I have the orbiter set to automatic, is that good? Is there any...
Do you guys get alot of ghosting when play video games?
How did you guys calibrate yours, did you just use the Forum disc?
So I just bought a new 55" LCD HDTV, Hitachi L55S603, and I want to get it calibrated. Is there anyone certified near Raleigh NC, I actually live in Goldsboro.
Where can I find the contrast ratio and response time for this set, I still have a slight glare since there is a window right behind me couch but still alot better then the glare on my plasma! My fw says it 2.09 out of the box, does anyone know if there are sub 2.09 fw's : ie 2.09 - 2.09.1 etc?
Thanks I appreciate it
Can you tell me your calibration settings so I can applythem to my s603, please? (What did you use to calibrate anyway?)
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