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I called and told them that my dvr seemed to be working(I actually recorded a show I was watching). I said i did not want dvr service and wanted to make sure I was not getting billed for it. She said I was not being charged for dvr service.
So I went in to get a new box for my sd and I got a SA 8300. They said it would have the dvr disabled. It appears it is not. Are they going to charge me for dvr service?
Ok so I talked to Comcast and found out they have new hd boxes from Cisco in Houston. So I want to swap my Scientific Atlanta hd box out for one of these. Problem is every time I go to my local service center they don't have any. Their solution is to just keep checking in. So I guess they want me to unhook my old box and drive 30 minutes just to see if maybe they have one. That is BS I say. You can't call and see if they have any. You have to drive there. So what can I do...
Tried swapping my motorola box out and they said I had the only one they offered. They were out of the HD box with the hdmi connection. The picture from the motorola box looks awful
Ok I just got my second tv on black friday(46" sharp from Sears). I moved my hd box downstairs to hook to the new tv. The box I have is the explorer 3250hd. Upstairs I have the motorola DCT2224. I don't want to pay for an Hd box upstairs. So which boxes can I get from Comcast Houston. Can I just go to the comcast store and swap them out? I need 1 hd box and one non hd box
My NGCHD is on the HD box(or at least some pixels of it). Is there an HD box with HDMI for comcast?
I put a splitter in and that way I can switch between inputs on the TV. That solves my problem. When I want HD I'll watch through the built in QAM tuner and then switch back to the regular sd box when not watching hd. I have not been that happy with my hd content anyway. The new channels the added have been real spotty and sometime don't work at all NGCHD is not working right now and usually craps out before I can finish a show when it is working. Same with USA HD. They...
I guess the question is. Since I can get HD channels with no box I just wondered if I could get the same ones with a regular sd box. The SD box cost like 3.99 and the HD box cost like 12.99. I don't really watch most of the extra HD channels I get with the HD box and I'm tired of paying for it when I can get the HD channels I want without any box. I just hate giving up the extra regular channels I get with a box(sd or hd). So I guess I either go with no box and loose the...
I have a question. Can I get the unscrambled hd channels with a regular digital cable box. I ask because I'm tired of paying for the HD box.
Mine does not pick up the digital channels when scanning at all. I can input them manually though. I live in Kemah. I have an hd box from comcast but I plan on getting rid of it since they raised the rental on it to 12 bucks. I unhooked the box and hooked the cable directly to the tv and I did the scan. 0 digital channels found. I then did the cable 1 hour scan and it found some digital channels. Go into setup and channel scan and you will see the option. It found like 34...
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