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Anyone have a list of the 30 titles Frys has in store in the BOGO deal. I'm at work and need to send my wife up there. I need to tell her what to get though.
Well I had the new HD channels yesterday(some did not work). They are all gone today?
So does Comcast now charge when they come out? Used to be with TWC if your cable modem or cable box went out they came out for free and replaced them. Now it looks like it cost you if they make a house call? That is the impression I get anyway.
Ok just got my bill(online) and my digital box(sa3250) went up to 12.49. It's now listed as ADDTL HDTV Outlet(s) 12.49 Includes: HDTV Box, Remote, And Digital Access It used to cost the same as my regular digital box. So overall my bill went from 136.20 to 146.98. I guess it is time to think about switching. It's a matter of principal now. If enough people just switch then maybe they will get the message. How much did your bill increase everyone?
ADDTL HDTV Converter 8.99 Digital Converter 7.00 Digital Preferred PKG 49.99 Includes Basic, Standard, And Digital Preferred TIER Channels, Plus CD Quality MUSIC Channels, Interactive Program Guide Plus Limited On Demand Content Security Res Monitoring 12.00 Security Leased Equip 3.30 HSI Equipment 3.00 Internet Service 39.95 Television Franchise Fee 3.64 State And Local Sales Tax 6.78 FCC Regulatory Fee 0.07 Internet State And Local Sales Tax...
not showing here in Kemah yet either.
So what packages will include these new HD channels? I don't have an extra HD package(just digital preferred pkg).
I never use my rr or comcast email addresses. I have a Yahoo and a Gmail. Yahoo for most things I do on the net(brings in the most spam) and gmail for friends only. Less hassle and you can change internet providers without worrying about changing email addresses. O and you can access your email from any computer. I do have a question about something though. Is Comcast charging when they come out to fix a problem now. I noticed there is a 1.99 service protection plan....
Still the rates are going up but the box rental price is going down. So if you have several cable boxes it should be a wash. Sucks about the increases for premium channels. I don't have any but if I did I would drop them. CC keeps this up and I will be bolting to Dish or Direct soon. only thing keeping with them is the bundles. At the rate things are going up though the incentive to stay will be gone.
So my package bill goes up 5 dollars but I save 8 on my 2 boxes?
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