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1. Pearl Harbor 2.Corpse bride 3. Underworld Evolution 4. Italian Job 5. Transporter 2 I would of went with chicken little but only wanted one cartoon type movie.
Ok got my PS3 with 2 free movies(casino royal and Hellboy) from Frys this week. Now I'm set to order my 5 free movie by mail. Which should I get. I'm thinking which will look the best not necessarily which is the best movie. choices(1 from each catagory) Category 1: The Guardian Invincible Chicken Little Pearl Harbor Category 2: Corpse Bride Blazing Saddles Phantom of the Opera Catagory 3: Stealth Underworld Evolution Resident Evil 2 Stir of...
This is only my 3rd blu-ray dvd so I was a little concerned. I had heard this grain was intentional but was not sure. thanks!
But does it look grainy?. My Blu-ray looks grainy in some scenes. Other movies on my tv don't look this way so I assume it is intentional.
Last time I called they told me I could not pick up a box but that someone would have to come out? I'm going to check in and see today. HDMI is already taken up by my PS3 I bought yesterday. Any way to hook up 2 items to HDMI?
Is comcast offering anything to replace the SA 3250 hd. I'd like to upgrade to a different box if they do.
Anyone have one still from Black friday last year at walmart? I just hooked up a ps3 to it and it looks great to me. Just wondering who else has one and what they think. picture from Comcast is not so great but the picture from Xbox 360 and PS3 look great so I figure it is the cable that sucks and not the tv.
Dang I was hoping they would cancel it. The amount I save on it compared to say Brinks home security is keeping me from switching to dish or direct tv + dsl. The whole bundle deal is the only thing keeping me hooked up to cable.
Anyone else here have their home alarm through TWC. I can't find any info on the alarm system on the comcast site. It was on my bill but I was wondering if this will continue as Comcast home security. Does Comcast do this service in other areas?
Ok so I was having a problem with some channels. This was before the switch but I waited till the switch. They could not fix them over the phone so i offered to drop off my 3250 box for a new one to see if that would work. I was told they no longer let you swap equipment at the store fronts anymore and someone would have to come out. Seems stupid to me that if you have a bad box they have to send someone out. The problem fixed itself the next day so I canceled the tech...
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