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I read somewhere this is made by LG so I'm going to buy one today at compusa for 59 bucks.
Found my biggest problem. It was the cable box. It allows me to pick 480p, 480i, 720p, 1080i. I set it up for all of them. If I have 1080i as an accepted format then it maks all channels 1080? I f I get rid of 1080 then it adjust itself for each channel. Sometimes 720p, sometime 480i, sometimes 480p. Now the regular(non hd) channels look much better and the hd channels look great at 720p. No blockyness at all. Of course the xbox 360 rocks on this tv as well at 1080i.
Ok got the cable box hooked up with component. Geting a lot of blockyness when there is much action on the screen :( Tried s video and the sharpness was not as good but no blockyness. I guess I'll go buy a dvi to hdmi cable later and try it
I have one I bought after on black friday. I got an xbox 360 also the same day. The xbox looks awsome on it. I had an HD tv antenna for a few days and it worked great. Only problem was switching between the antenna and cable I had to rescan the channels. Today I went and picked up an HD cable box from time warner. I'll let you all know how it goes once I hook it up. I'll be using component cables. No hdmi on the cable box only dvi, s video, component, coax, and 1394. Don't...
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