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looking forward to the premiere tomorrow night...excellent cast and the anthology format makes for what should be a fantastic series...looks like Noah Hawley is the writer for most (every?) episode...I wonder how involved the Coen Brothers are...would have been insane if they were the main showrunners/writers
the first 6 episodes this season have been a mixed bag...so many new characters and storylines that I'm hoping will all payoff by the finale...whenever the show moves away from Norman and Norma and focuses on Dylan and his drug buddies or the bypass or Cody etc the show suffers...the only constant is the fantastic performances by Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore...Bates Motel is probably always going to be uneven and disjointed and occasionally forced, but the two lead...
I also got a $1 off coupon yesterday via e-mail
I tried all the codes from the past few pages (with different credit cards) and none seem to work anymore...I signed up for their e-mail list and get a few here and there...is signing up for texts better then the standard e-mail?
no new codes?
a whole page about beer?
Ned's remains were returned as a show of good faith in Season 2 I believe when Cat spoke with Littlefinger...Baelish is the one who brought Ned's head with him as a show of good faith in trying to negotiate Jamie's release with Catelyn...I don't see the sword being returned as that is a very valuable weapon that would serve the Lannister's better...Tywin kept the sword after Ned's execution and only now reforged it as a symbol of the Stark's defeat after Robb's death
I don't think Robb was using Ice...the sword was with Ned...he was captured and executed with it by Illyn Payne...Tywin had it in his possession ever since he returned to King's Landing
they only do cold opens (pre-credit sequences) during the season premiere
good point...I think during my initial watch I'm going to close my eyes and mute the volume from now on during the 'Previously on GoT' segment and start watching it only when the opening credits start rolling...the surprise twists and turns that you'll never see coming are part of the beauty of this show...having characters disappear for multiple seasons (books) and then reappear again in surprising ways is something GoT excels at and I want to keep that element of surprise
New Posts  All Forums: