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Boo. The reset of the processor helped for a day, now it is back to where I started. No picture or sound on any input. Help! Does anyone know what the problem is and if it is repairable?
Thanks. It seems to be working for now. I hope that was the magic ticket. Now to reset my speakers.
My 2807 lost sound a few times while watching satellite tv. Turning it off/on seemed to remedy the situation. The last time it happened I shut it down and turned it back on to have no sound or picture on any input. The volume dial doesnt seem to work either (when I turn it the volume level on the display doesnt change). I can still use the dial to change inputs but there is no sound/picture. Is it dead? If so is it worth fixing? Oh...edit...during my posting of this the...
Not the biggest fan of racers..but burnout paradise sucked me in. The online was pretty cool.
I was under the impression that to use kinect it required a live account.
Please Delete
also heavy rain is unlike any other game. it would be a good game to familiarize someone with where all the buttons are on the controller because it is really heavy in the qte (quick time events). It shows a button to press, you press it, & an action plays out. the choices you make effect the outcome of the game. also it is move controller compatible so you guys could check out that aspect as well.
demon souls.....kidding. i'd start out with a game like uncharted or uncharted 2. they're bound to get anyone hooked to ps3, imo. also download the game flower off the psn store. All it uses are the sixaxis controls so she can play it without knowing what any of the buttons do. also keep in mind that almost all games let you choose the difficulty. make sure she starts on an easier difficulty so as to remove the frustration level.
The greyed out selections are available to US customers but not available in Canada. Kinda sucks that we can see what we're missing. If you go to netflix.ca & check out the browse selection tab, down at the very bottom is a spot where you can select the American site. When it re-routes you it gives a warning saying that you cant sign up because your ip's not american...but you can see all the newer releases & series that are available south of the border. I hope they...
I've heard its similar to the latest splinter cell which i loved. I might check it out.
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