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I am using Evangelo's 1080p images on a USB stick to break in my new 64" Samsung plasma. I don't know if I have the heart to go the full 150 hours but intend too do it 24-48 hours. I am curious though; does anyone understand the reasoning in the individual red, green, and blue slides? It seems unnecessary as the gray-scale slides have red, green, and blue cells illuminated anyways. Thanks, "goes to eleven"
Evangelo2, If youre playing on Xbox One, please send a friend request to Goze211. I'm breaking in a 65" Samsung plasma with your 1080p images and would like to discuss while playing Titanfall or Battlefield 4. Thanks, Sam Goze211 = "goes to eleven"
These are at BB at $379 and $399 respectively. I need something for a dimly lit bedroom. I'm biased to the Samsung for the following reasons; $20 less no glowing red power light one inch bigger screen ...but as an ex-Pioneer employee from the Kuro era I have a fetish for black level. In the BB showroom I can't tell which is better. If there is an opinion out there that the Pana is noticeably blacker in a dark room, I'll forgo the $20, the inch, and the absensce of the...
I agree about Amazon, and do appreciate that AVS did cut through most of the noise right off the bat i.e. no need to consider Samsung, LG. It is interesting though that CNET accuses the Sony of being a slow loader, something I haven't heard on these or Amazon's pages.
I'm not sure what you mean by "only raises question(s) about you". I'll assume nothing negative was meant. I was referring to oft experienced phenomenon of one party having one opinion, then another party counters, next thing you know you have, for example, full fledged Sony/Panasonic flame war. I was merely joking about that phenomenon. Anyways thanks again for the info, Sam
Soooo on Amazon the Panasonic is 3.8 stars and the Sony is 3.9 stars... virtually the same. Sony has a more striking cosmetic. Guess I'll go Sony. Sounds like I can't lose either way. As long as their loading speeds are both good, they have quiet drives, and the manufacturors update them regularly I'm sure they're both great. I see that the Sony 59, supposedly the same as the 590, at Costco is available at a discount and I'd get Costco's awesome return policy. ...and by...
OOOh no! Here we go! Flame War is... ON! Haha. OK. I'll see which on has the best reviews. Thanks again
Panasonic it is then. No need for Netflix. Thanks Buddy. Always nice to know where to get an expert opinion. Sam
Hey Folks, My Elite BDP-23FD went TU and now I need a new one and on the cheap. Only features I require are at least a ethernet connection for firmware updates, BD-Live, etc. and 3D playback. In the sub $150 range, does anyone have any strong feelings playback-wise about Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic etc.? Any of these brands more forthcoming with player updates when a buggy movie comes out? Any fundamental picture quality differences? Any players quieter than others or...
I have the rental Source Code disc from Netflix. Loads up, plays the Three Muketeers trailer, goes to black screen with Top Menu showing on the player's display. Menu never apears and I have to eject the disc eventually. I have 3.71 firmware. Had to PPV it from DirecTV. Bummer. Used to work for Pioneer so this is a bummer.
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