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I am 75 hrs into owning the 3010 (5 months in). This very well may have been going on the wh, but I'm just now noticing it. During 2D playback on my HTPC, my lens is constantly making noises (clicking or shifting, or whatever it's doing). Especially when it goes from light to dark scenes. It even makes noise when on the desktop and switch b/t light and dark wallpaper. When I play a movie in 3d, no noise. Also works perfect (no noise) during 360 2d gaming, and cable...
I configured EventGhost to send a stop command when powering off, but as you said, even when a scheduled recording boots the PC, Live TV will still start and never go to sleep. Can I use any other tools: "After recording stops - Force Sleep". OR.... "Only boot Live TV when Power on remote is pressed" - I thought I had Eventghost configured this way, but turns out its "Boot LiveTV when PC Wakes"
When I wake up the PC w/ power button it sends a "Start Live TV command." When it wakes up from sleep for a scheduled recording, are you saying it won't start LiveTV?
I try that, but WMC MCE shows me "Time remaining until suspend: Disabled" when the sleep timer hits. Also shows "One or more program requires the system: Yes" when WMC is open.
any help on this 1?
So I'm in a tricky situation, first of all, my specs and tools: WMC 7 HD HomeRun Prime HP Media Center remote EventGhost WMC MST XBMC I currently run a .bat when powering off to close out of XBMC (eventghost). WMC MST then auto boots into WMC-LiveTV on Wake. This improves the WAF, definitely would like to keep Live TV on power/wake. If I set a recording for 2 AM, then power button to put it back to sleep. I wake up @ 7 AM to find PC is still on and on Live TV. 100%...
wow, awesome! thanks for the info. Will work on this when I get a chance. I'll post back w/ an update
did u have a set of instructions u followed? Mind linking to them if you have em?
Has any1 been succesfull with this?: http://www.phreefi.com/2012/01/accessing-your-hd-homerun-prime-from_16.html I'm basically stuck @ step 9. I don't see anything similar to what is in the steps. If I have a DD-WRT router, can I use that as a VPN instead and will it work that way instead of going the virtual machine route?
Overdue Update: Works! Had to manually turn on top/bottom SBS mode on the projector
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