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My scheduled recordings are tied to a channel guide # (say, 805 for ABC). When I tune channel 805 by selecting it on the guide, everything works as expected so my manual fix works. I can tell it's using my HDHomerun by the LED light on the tuner. It's just the ones that were scheduled previously that are having the problem.
Comcast moved around the channel mappings here in my area so I had to change the mappings for my HDHomerun tuners around. I did this manually by doing WMC's "Add Missing Channel" and removing the existing mappings then readding. Now I can tune everything fine again through the guide. However, for whatever reason, programs that were already scheduled to record have been tuning to the channels that got messed up initially (before I fixed it). i.e. ABC turned into CBS...
I was able to find all the same channels on Clear QAM after changing up my mappings. Hopefully they stabilize the stations again. It's a pain. On the plus side, it's summer time so I didn't miss many scheduled recordings due to the change.
Channel frequencies have moved up here in Blaine. I'm going to have to change around the settings for my HDHomeruns.
I could never get Media Center Master working the way I wanted it. I started using Metabrowser instead and it's been getting the job done for me as a service on my WHS2011 box. Only downside is that it's not free.
Haven't noticed any such behavior here in Blaine, thankfully.
Yeah, true story. Haven't heard anything
I'm still using my Revo 1600 for my OpenElec machine on the main floor. It's been a great little machine. It does all I want it to, but I'm curious to hear what others have to say.
http://hardforum.com/showpost.php?p=1039773828&postcount=67That makes it sounds like it's beyond beta testing into RC territory, even. At least the tRaid feature, anyway - which is most interesting for media storage purposes.
I'm guessing this is the case as well. I could see them potentially moving around some of the channels to different frequencies requiring a rescan, but I'm thinking they aren't going to completely remove them or encrypt them. Well, that's my hope anyway...
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