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OP stands for original poster i believe. References NewHTBuyer since he started the thread.
He can't back that up. Too many people using the higher end Elite's to run higher end speakers. My receiver has had no problems (SC-25) running my GX's. The only thing I would check is too make sure it isn't overheating but receivers have built in mechanisms to turn off if they reach an unsafe temp anyway.Can look at this to get an idea on the power that receiver has: http://www.hometheater.com/content/pioneer-elite-sc-57-av-receiver-ht-labs-measures
Ok... Since home theater magazine tested it at 111 watts into 5 channels but what ever, you are an obvious troll.
Hmm, my receiver has been proven to do 110 watts a channel into 5 channels. RMS rating from Monitor Audio is 100-200. I don't think I have a problem, but thanks for your racist and incorrect statements about Japanese made AVR's.
I got an open box deal. I spent $500 (almost 1100 msrp) on the GXC150 and I got a quote for 1350 for an open box GXC350. I couldn't justify the price difference. Stupid money!Oh, and the answer is "both." I watch a lot of movies with the wife (and occasionally a child). I also have a HSU VTF3 MK4 for sub duties.But, since I got the speakers I have been listening to a fair share of music as well. I set my receiver to "Pure Direct" which turns off the sub and pretty much...
Not sure why you need more power that what the speakers require... and how that would make it sound any better. The speakers power handling spec is 100-200 watts (RMS).As far as dedicated amps sounding better than integrated... that's just a can of worms. You can find people who think power is power and dedicated amps won't affect sound much if any and then you can find dudes who will argue that they can drastically change the sound.. pick your team. Best bet is to test...
I am using a SC-25 Pioneer Elite. So far its been great.I will say this though... I do have to turn it up slightly more than I did with my PSB Alpha B1's as main. Not a problem but definitely noticeable.
Oh man, I feel so out of the club... I got the GX300's recently but only the GX150 :P Congrats to you guys though. These speakers are amazing.
Synology + WD Live TV is what I use. Super quick, super easy and I have had no issues streaming my MKV's over ethernet.
When determining what center I should get for my next system, my dad suggested I unplug my sub and my front speakers and listen to a movie (I did, which was Lord of the Rings). I listened to the same portion with just the center, then the center + front speakers and then just the fronts. I was amazed at how much BASS and overall sound was coming out of the center compared to the mains. It was at least 80% and at one point of the movie (a heavy bass scene) the mains didnt...
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