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He would make for a successful politician, that's for sure.Oh, so he's also clueless? Nice.
Would you stop friggin typing. You are just not any good at it.
Hey guys, how do we get this thread moved to the "Media Streaming" sub-forum? I'm gonna be watching SO MUCH FRIGGIN TV ON MY XBOX ONE it's gonna be nuts! I may get a PS4 for gaming eventually, but the Xbox One is gonna be tits! Amirite?!?
Is Kyser around here somewhere, or are he and his BF crying on their red couch together?
Yea, man. I don't know when everybody turned into Playstation fanbois, but these guys are all idiots. M$ will have the better console cuz it has 8GB of cheaper RAM that won't use as much energy as the PS4 crap console. Rumor already has it that XBox One is Energy Star compliant. Can Sony say that? Hellz no. It's over. With global warming heating up the atmosphere, it will ALL be about energy efficiency this generation.Chalk up another win for the MS boys. Hopefully...
Has "reputable" now taken on another meaning that I'm not aware of? David K is nowhere near fair & spot on, and by extension CNet has no relevance in the tech review world by any real audio/videophiles.
That will get rid of it, however if he watches, let's say, blu ray movies on the same input, then he will possibly lose some of the picture that was intended to be seen.
It's definitely significantly heavier than the Samsung 55ES8000 I replaced. Maybe by 10lbs or so (just going by feel). Part of that has to be the base which is definitely made of sturdier and higher quality materials.
I just figure if we ignore it, it will eventually go away
I don't have that particular movie to watch, but my blooming isn't nearly that bad from dead-on and my backlight was at 6 (I since lowered it to 3).
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