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are you sure they aren't just showing up becuase at one point you use your web browser on that PC to access netflix? In any case it appears my account is just jacked. I know i'm not alone though. I have a thread on technet forums and have found 2 other people that have the same issue trying to use new devices.
different email address was used for the trial account that worked fine. i don't think you can have 2 accounts under 1 email address.
I did threaten that. they said feel free to cancel and sign up under another account. thats what I will probably have to do if I ever need to reformat any devices from here on out. I was just disappointed in the lack of customer service and how rude they were.
Tried that and google DNS servers. As I have said repeatedly, the netflix plugin works fine in media center if I use a trial account. however when using my main netflix account that I have used for years I am not longer able to log in to the netflix plugin on NEW devices only. Only the ones I have previously activated and used. I only get the cryptic message from my original post about my account not supporting watch instantly and not letting me log...
I was only trying to log in. none of my other devices were running.
Device activations for PS3, XBOX360, and the silverlight plugin all appear on the netflix site for management. I can deactivate unused devices. Device activations for Windows Media center netflix plugin and suspiciously MISSING from the list which means they are handled somewhere on the netflix backend and not shown to customers. I am guessing there is a seperate limit that affects Media Center activations independant of the other device activations which is why they...
I will take a look at it but since I can log in to the media center netflix plugin with a trial netflix account i think the plugin is not broken. I am aware that there were issues with it and IE9 and Windows 7 SP1 several months ago and I don't think this is related since it my main netflix account is broken on any PC I try to use that I haven't used before. -Activated Windows Media Center Plugins for netflix don't show up on list of devices on the netflix website so we...
I bet you if you go to 4 different PCs that you have not used the media center netflix plugin on before and try using the media center plugin it will stop working eventually and give you the same error.
I just created a trial account and I am able to log in to the media center plugin just fine. I just can't log in under my main account on any new device. My devies that are already working continue to work fine. How the hell do I get netflix to UNJACK my main account... this is ridiculous. its obvious they have some hard limit on the number of media center plugins they will register under and account and these devices DO NOT show up on the list of activated devices...
Netflix support told me the limit was raised to 50 a year ago and I was only using 8 devices. I removed all of them but 2 and I am still having the issue. VERY ODD. Still trying to figure this out. This is obviously a netflix issue but they refuse to help me becuase it is the media center plugin.... Just tried another device(work PC) and still having the same problem. Yet everything works fine through IE and silverlight.
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