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Are any of you other Huntsville comcast customers missing your TVGOS? My listings ran out about a week ago. My dad in Harvest is still getting his TVGOS just fine from knology...
This movie is like crack; I've watched the BD 3 times since it arrived the other day. I'm beginning to understand how my 5 year old neice can watch Lion King over and over and over
No playback problems here. Mine came from amazon. My disc says "made in USA", was your disc also made in USA? I wonder if all of the bluray discs were made in the same factory?
Ummmm, grain, tasty film grain...YUM!
Well, I liked the movie waaay more that I thought I would after reading how bad it was Taste is such a subjective thing...
I think that there's a good chance that your wife will be engaged by the three main characters' different outlooks on their situation (especially Jeremy Renner's role) but she might be repelled by the graphic portrayals of the effects of HE on humans. Renner really is great in this, so try to get her to stick with it!
Wow, I didn't realize the BD release was so near! Loved this at the cinema so it's definitely a preorder for me!
Bought this on release day. Just watched it for the eighth time.
I'll enjoy seeing this one. Another movie from the same era that I would like to see on BD is Brainstorm.
My Panasonic BD50 also became quite sluggish after accessing the special features.
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