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I mentioned earlier that my current DVR is lagging a bit with the new software. I currently have a Samsung SMT-H3270. I guess it's been a few years since I got it. Are there new dvr's that perform a lot better? Which one should I try to get from my local office? Also I've considered looking into whole house, if I go that route does it change the DVR I should be looking for? Thanks!
In general I'm liking the new OS update. I do think it runs a little sluggish on my Samsung box. Maybe it's time for an upgrade? What's the latest and greatest HD DVR to ask for these days? Also, is anyone else noticing that the notification that the box is about to record something is more aggressive than the old OS. I kind of remember the old OS not warning me about this unless both tuners were being used but maybe i'm crazy. It seems like the new OS pops up a message...
Not sure about the node pedestal but its a marker for underground fiber for sure. That is where all the ATT trunks are for the neighborhood, but I know this was put in by BH.
Check out BrightHouse's new addition to my front yard: http://i.imgur.com/lFH2bDz.jpg?2 Not the most attractive thing in the world, but does this mean we could get fiber from BH in Orlando? Side note, they cut the phone lines when installing it, didn't bother to fix or tell anyone though.
I had no idea the UCF one was closed, thankfully you posted this before I decided to drive out there Side note, my DVR decided to record EVERY episode of Storage Wars 2 nights ago while a marathon was going on, whether they were marked as new or not. Funny thing was in the Series Manager it said 0 Scheduled 0 Recorded for that show, but yet the list had several and the guide and many more marked for record. I had to just kill the series for now.
I assume the 8742 has the updated guide? Thinking about trying it out. Also, that front clock looks like it could be ridiculously bright.
Yep, this pretty much describes the issue. Two programs recording. Black screen on playback. Like you say it used to do it sometimes but now does it a lot more. Also, yes in the past it was related to the box being full. It's happening to me now at 60%. Last night I watched two broke girls (not a great show) live while it recorded. Wife went to play it from the list later and it wasn't recorded. No mention of it in the history (which is out of order as others have said).
I have a Samsung box (I forget which model right now) and we've been having a new problem since the upgrade where recordings will act normal but when we go to play them they are blank and just bring up the start over or delete menu. Funny thing is if we catch it fast enough we can go to live TV and just rewind and see the program just fine. Being able to filter by favorites is soooo nice though.
Rebooting as well!
Has anyone checked into this new Brighthouse Home Security product? I'd love to tell ADT to shove it. Curious about the costs for equipment and if they are truly offering the service yet or if the email was more of a teaser.
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