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Thanks. I expect, the audio bug would be a problem if audio is fed via optical to an older amplifier.
Thanks. Could you please post a screen shot. Does it place a black background or does it look similar to the original subs placed within the picture. Wish to find out how PQ and AQ rate in comparison to Oppo and PS3.
As I understand throw ratio = pre-lens image distance divided by pre-lens image width In this case it is 1.37. Probably this is in the short side for any anamorphic lens. The issues will be pin cushion, geometric distortion, chromatic aberration and uneven focus (centre and edge). I do not think Schneider, ISCO or Panamorph have any correction for pin cushion, geometric distortion or uneven focus (centre and edge) which could occur at this throw ratio. All these lenses...
Sorry, found another typo. I meant www.bollywoodblu-ray.com. He has a good collection - if you pre-order, you may get it as soon as it is available. More web shops. Check all including amazon.com. 1. Bollywooddvds (www.bollywoodblu-ray.com) Well presented site and easy to locate blurayshttp://www.bollywooddvds.com/search....strkey=blu-ray 2. Bollyman Well presented site and easy to locate blurays. (Click Bollywood Blu Ray under categories)http://www.bollyman.com/ 3....
Sorry. It is a typo. Should be Reg B French only subs. Anyway, Reg A JA should be available soon. You should be able to get it from bollywoodbluray.com (and other sites as well).
Current release is Reg B, French only subs. Quality is close to excellent only second to Saawariya, better than OSO and Heyy Babyy. I think it is on par with Shivaji, Villu etc from Ayngaran.
Reg A Jodhaa Akbar is not available yet. There are rumors that it will be available soon. Of course pre-order from www.bollywoodblu-ray.com (or any other site) so you will be the first to get it.
Now it is the waiting game. Hoping that Eros will release at least few blu-rays before the Christmas time. Yash Raj as well ....
I hope that Warner will take the outcome of the poll into consideration together with all other important facts and merits discussed and agreed by the majority and place subtitles within the picture for the new releases.
I do not expect for Sony to release movies just to correct subtitles. However, I expect that Sony will fix the subtitles when the movies are re-released for other reasons. e.g. collectors edition etc.
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