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Any more word on the SuperSat 60 availability?
I have Netflix running on my GT50, Sony S790 Blu-ray player, and Apple TV. All connected to the same switch. I get drop-outs on the GT50 (black flashes like described above). No problems at all with the S790 and Apple TV. Had Netflix on my prior LCD, no issues. Changed cat5e cable, didn't help the GT50. Only makes sense that it is an issue inside the TV.
Glad we could help. Componewnt and HDMI should look the same (given the same resolution sent through them), unless you have a very long run, or you have interference that is causing problmes with the component cable. An analog signal (component) is more prone to signal degradation. But in a standard home theater setup, you probably will not notice a difference in picture quality.
Regarding game mode and dynamic contrast, the easiest way to see this is to play Super Mario for Wii or Wii U. Without the graphic setting, screen adjustment is easily noticeable when you begin and end a level, as well as when you enter a pipe. When the screen zooms in or out to a specific point, the change can be drastic. I'm glad someone brought up setting that value to graphic, because that fixed the issue. The automatic contrast adjustment (or whatever is being...
All TVs now do some sort of processing, which can delay the video. Try changing the scene selection to game mode and see if that helps. Game mode turns off a lot of the processing, which might also make the picture look worse (subjective), but should get your sync issues resolved. The best solution might be to buy a modern receiver, if you intend to keep an external sound system. Most modern receivers have audio sync controls. In the case of going straight to the TV...
Your AVR should have a digital input assignment section where you can tell it to assign the optical input to your source selection.
Have you tried a 3D Blu-ray? Try a different source and see how the TV behaves. Maybe it's a source/encoding problem.
Well, got my new 65 today, December build. Buzzing is the same or slightly worse than the set I returned. Not sure if I'll try to live with it or chance another return.
I should have mentioned that my current unit is a November 2012 build.
Does your AVR allow you to manually adjust the audio sync per input? This would be the easiest method if the lip sync timing is a constant value (it always appears out of sync by the same amount per source).
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