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Good question.... I'm not sure where they are meant to be put, never used one myself. Have noticed they always come packaged with any new plasma that I have bought though lol.
Do you mean ferrite cores?
Sounds like a setup issue, the U50 properly adjusted shows lots of shadow detail.
Yes it will work, I just tried with an old dvd player.
I can't really see the back of my 50U50 as it is wall mounted, but in setup and in the about section says the version is 1020-1030, if that helps any. I bought the tv back in about june 2012 I think.
My settings stay the same between both hdmi, change one, they both change.
My preference for movie viewing is a totally dark room, and sometimes movies have fade to black scenes....so it becomes quite apparent the panel is still glowing a very dark grey, not black.
Dark grey is about as good as it gets with this flat panel, when viewing a full black screen in a dark room.
Game mode on my U50 seems exactly the same as custom mode, at least picture quality wise, input the same settings, and you can change between the 2 modes and the screen stays exactly the same. Do that with the other picture modes and the tv flickers when changing between them. The costco version I think it is, the U54, does not come with a game mode, seems like Panasonic just put in a second custom mode and labeled it game on the U50.The HDMI settings seem similar on the...
Maybe you are having a different problem than I have with it, it does look like static on mine when a pure black screen comes up, but it isn't static, just a massive amount of dithering, which does look like snow, but this only happens to me when I have my brightness from around 55-59, once I drop to about 50 or less it goes away. This doesn't happen on my tv when I am in cinema mode though, just every other picture mode.
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