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So did you build those stands for the fronts and center? If not, where'd you get them and for how much?
Wow. I don't think I realized just how much of a monster the center channel speaker is.
Hmm, one more q: the room I'm gonna put these is 20'x16', with tile flooring and 6' high ceilings - though the sofa will be in the middle of the room and not against any of the walls. Are the Pioneers going to be that much better than the BAs in that scenario, or are both of them insufficient? I have also got a set of old Kenwood towers collecting dust, but something is the matter with them because they sound muddy and boomy
Hmm...dang. Just my luck, I suppose. Thanks for your help.
Any possibility the BA sub is better? It looks like it would cost $50 to return the BAs and then jump on these, and frankly the smaller size and lower weight of the BA sats will come in handy. So if the sub's better that would be the nail in the coffin, and I'd likely just get a BS21 and matching center than then try to flip the BA center. I mean, that seems to be the best value/SQ/space compromise in my case...could've just saved time and listened to afrogt to begin with...
Are you talking about the Pioneer sub or BA sub?
Thanks for the advice; I've never put together a home theater so it's greatly appreciated. I'm leaning towards going the skeevy refuse-shipment route for simplicity's sake (and also because I know I'll like the Pioneer sub) at this pointEDIT: Meh, or not; it looks like Vanns is too smart for that, and would charge me back shipping in both directions (63lbs cross-country)...servers me right. I can try to flip the BA center; that should be nearly enough to cover the cost of...
Size: W x H x D Size of BS21: 7-1/8” x 12-5/8” x 8-1/16” Size of CS23: 5.00" x 7.69" x 4.94" Size of CB5: 5.5" x 8.5" x 7.25" I don't think I realized just how big these Pioneers are! They're bigger than my WAF-1s! Hmm. Maybe I could pull the old 'refuse shipment' trick on Vanns and just go full-on Pioneer. I'd feel dirty about it though, and frankly the smaller size of the BA sats and bigger sub (I'm not sure how good it is, it's the CSSUB10) can come in handy. grr....
LOL, the newegg pricing is the only reason I'm here I'm curious then about this center; what's so compelling about it that the BA center won't work out? Also, the fact that the BA's sats are 89db is fine? I guess I can compensate my messing with levels on the receiver (still unbought). Thanks for all your advice so far!
Meh, in my experience Best Buy consistently fails to have what I'm looking for, in accordance with Murphy's Law
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