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I don't get it,doesn't Mark test these drivers before he ships them? It'a PIA to ship a such a heavy driver back for repairs and the time and effort it takes to do it. I feel bad for you..
Hey FS, I expect an invite when you fire them up....
Great work FS!!! I just saw your build thread.If all else fails grab a coupla cans of Premium Rubberized Rocker Panel paint.... from Canadian Tire. They dry in 30 minutes.I can't wait to see your drivers installed.
Keep posting BassthatHZ I like it....
Man,I would have jumped on this later on in the fall...but right now I spend too much on home renovations..
What do you do with 8 LMS Ultras and over 56,000 watts?
I like them,if you don't,don't click on them..
They look very nice... why you're putting them in your office?
You sure are trying to make a mountain out of a hill... it seems you and MK are the ones discussing the origins of his BRay... Who said anything about it 'falling off a truck'? Unreal...
$41,thats expensive!!! Have you tried the latest Transformer's movie?
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