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Me too just upgraded to latest version. Is there anyway to find change log?
I agree. Even at low very volumes 805 temp kept increasing. I think it is due to video board. 805 produces more than usual heat
I went back to my onkyo 504(75w per channel) after audio died on 805. I checked the temperature on my onkyo 504. It will max at 38c after listening at -10 for four hours. where as 805 will jump to 69c in no time before internal fan kicks in. Even an external fan didn't help much. as far as placement is concerned both were kept in same place and both have similar width. Only diff is its only audio connected to 504. Just an FYI.
onkyo is 4 ohm certified
Thanks for the info. Is it safe to assume that there will be players that does decode internally.
will 7001 decode dolby HD and DTS HD master? What I am going to loose by going with 7001 compared to 7002.
what I am going to loose by going with 7001 compared with 7002? Thanx
CSR told me that is mailing me free shipping label with RMA#. I am going for refund since mine falls under 30 day return. I would like to hold on for a while to see new onkyos that coming soon and also offerings from other vendors. Went back to my reliable onkyo 504 and all is well for now.
shoponkyo is providing free shipping label for the returns. Mine is going back for the refund.
Thanks for the info. I am still under one month return policy. I am thinking of returning it instead of exchange. Mine is a refurb made in Japan. I really liked this one but for this issue. I will wait for 806 coming later this year.
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