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Sorry rrainwater, I'm sorry but I meant Charter's HD quaility is way better. I've had uverse and while they do have more HD, most of it I wasnt happy about because the quality just sucked. They heavly compress it, but more they only use like 7to 8 bit rate and that just doesnt cut it for hd.
For those that doesn't have that many HD channels don't feel bad, I live in the Dallas area and we do not have that many either. I do have to say, Charters HD picture quality is inferior to ATT's uverse, there is just no comparison. We are close to the same area that Time Warner services and they get allmost anything you can get on Satellite. If they were to get a similar lineup, they would defenitly compete with other companies. And being a former Charter customer...
I'm in 75137. You say all markets, does this include us here in TX?
That sucks, they have been working on upgrading the system and there are no plans of adding channels?
Hi Umatter, I also agree on hockey and more sports in HD. Do you show any additions in the near future for 75137? Thanks, Vance
Hey Umatter, Can you look up and see what they are doing in the Duncanville, TX 75137 area please. I got a notice on the bill saying I need to run auto scan on my qam tuner tv after March 6, due to some upgrade. Thanks
Hello Kevin, I'm not sure if they are replacing the nodes, but we allready have some HD channels, but not long ago one of the techs on the phone told me in a couple of months we were going to switch to all digital service. And I know they have been working on some channels and moving qam channels, so I was assuming they are slowly working on getting ready. I will be happy if we got the same channels they get in Ft. Worth. My wife really wants CBS Sports. I am curious,...
Thats what they are telling everyone in the DFW area. What I dont understand, those channels mentioned everyone has allready had for ever. With that all said here in 75137 they are doing something but no one seems to know what. I was told at one time that we are going to be all digital real soon but there again no one knows when you call.
Dont feel bad I'm in the same boat and the surrounding areas Ft. Worth and Denton seems to have quiet a few more channels that we would definately watch. We would get the sports pac for a couple of channels that me and my wife want to watch. One of the guys told me in a couple of months they were planning on going all digital, sdv I assume. I'm in the 75137 area.
I would like to request CBS sports network HD here in Duncanville, TX 75137. We found out the PBR is on this network a lot this year and it would make my wife happy. Thanks
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