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for updated response and for the title change, apologies on the vague title. Will look into these options, although mounting to the dish itself isn't sounding so bad if the angle will work. will post once I digest the suggestions.
Thanks for the quick response everyone. I think the EZ HD (or ANT751) will be my direction and can always try it in the attic with fallback of mounting it to the Dish or roofline. I think fortunately I will be shooting through the side of the house(stucco)/ gable (based on 280 degrees rather than directly through the clay tile roof.
given signal strengths and primary focus on Green channels, would the HBU22 or 7694P be a pipe dream in the attic behind the clay tile roof? If outdoor is required, leaning towards ANT-751 to meet the 1m rule for HOA acceptance
Would appreciate some help (tried to answer as much as I know) I am looking to at least drop the locals from my DishNetwork account (and possibly open to OTA only down the road). Request feedback for antenna selection based on following: TVFool 1: (assumes 15 feet for attic Install) TVFool 2: (assumes 5 feet for indoor Install) House = 1 story with attic (rafter attic w/ Clay Tile roof) Connection = Dish DVR (722K + OTA Module) or SD TV (using Channel Master...
I believe the Diamond series has a feature where the iris actually changes so the set can alter the amount of light which is key for proper picture as scenes change from light to dark, but will have to check to find a reference to this. I believe that is one item that distinguishes 837 from 737?
love it, world of improvement from 27" CRT, but been slammed so far haven't been able to focus on adjustments etc. I am pleased so far that I didn't go for a similarly priced but much smaller LCD/Plasma, the immersion is worth it in my opinion.
here you go. I need to post a review, pictures and thoughts as well...one of these dayshttp://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1142582
I want to say SD scaling appears better, I would really like to see a side by side though (perhaps will look to find in store). It could be placebo, but so far the SD cable and DVD's are not nearly unpleasant as previous times watching a 65835 (and 65833 I believe) in a home setting.
I ordered locally, but sprung for just the simple delivery (no set up), but I would recommend having everything cleared out and clean so if you had white glove or similar service level they could simply place the tv on the stand then you pop the cable or dvd/dvr connection in, so you would be able to have a picture and check for glaring defects in a minute or so. If the location is easy for them to set a tv on might be able to talk them into letting you check it out before...
Took your advice, will try to keep that thread up to date, and open to feedback and suggestions, since still getting the basics down for this tv, but would like to try and calibrate it at some point in near future.http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1142582
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