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Is there a review of toshiba 55l6200u, thanks
Has anyone got RealPlayer/RealMedia/RM/RMVB to work on this?
How to add "favourite channel list" for channel surfing it "windows media center" (Windows 7) thanks
Is there a summary of this working for Windows 7? or the last driver that work for WinXP?
Which motherboard supports HDMI out at 1080p? (Yes for Mac..)
Has anyone tried the 10.6 drivers? do they help with Flash HD acceleration?
Is it possible to convert this into a AVCHD unit? also is it possible for it to accept a PAL video signal?
How do you disable/enable acceleration in flash player beta for 720p?Also has anyone been able to run OSX with it? with CI/QE?thanks
Mines was a demo unit and it had a white scratch on the lcd horizontally, is there any way to fix it? I tried vaseline and eraser but it does not magically get rid of it... it does make it appear less when you see it on the sides, but when facing straight you can still see it from 12 inch..
Thanks for the info, I could not find anywhere about the encoding (even ATI's website), where its mentioned clearly.. There was some "review" sites that mentioned/tested it, but they used the older 8.xx version.. I have another problem, it seems that DVXA does not work (using Media Player Classic Homecinema) when I have dual screens? one DVI only works fine, but as soon as I add another VGA, so DVI and VGA, when I launch the player, it just says "Stopped", pressing...
New Posts  All Forums: