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Gentlemen i would like to try headphones with the 4520. I am thinking about the sennheiser hd 650. What do think about them. One problem is the cable length. My sitting position is about 12 to 14 feet from the 4520. I have had no luck finding a cable that long. Can someone point me to where i can find a cable that long are should i consider wireless headphones. Thanks
I also have a harmony one remote. 4520 is in the database. Nowhere can I find quick select buttons. Are they listed under another name tag.Thanks for your help.
I did not think there was any quick select buttons on the 4520 remote. Could someone tell me where they are located and how to set them up. I would like to increase center channel and sub vol on different imputs at certian times. Thanks
I do not use any of the viera features. Is there any reason to update. Thanks.
Can you connect the sub analog output direct to powered sub imput . I think i have a bad sub and this should let me know if it is the sub or my receiver. Thanks.
Could no get the score to play on the 103 using bit stream. The audio would jump in and out. Change hdmi cable. No luck. I have the oppo 83 in my system also. It played the isolated score fine using bitstream. Went back to the 103 and used the analog audio outputs the score played good. Next i set on 103 set bit stream to lpcm. This played the score fine. I am lost . On the 103 hdmi is set to split. Thanks for any help.
That is the reason I got the 4520. I did not want to give up the analog imputs. Played some 5.1 sacds last night using EXT-IN direct and pure direct. Sounded real nice. I am excited by the prospect of getting better sound using audyssey. Have not set it up yet, waiting on boom mike to arrive. Using audyssey would it better to send PCM or DSD for sacd from the oppo?
Thanks. Found it.
Need some help. Started set up 4520 last night. Connected the 5.1 outputs on the 103 oppo to ext in on the 4520. Could not fine where to choose ext. in on the remote. I was playing the new History of the Eagles disc. Will connect hdmi today. Will wait to run audyssey until the boom mike stand gets here. I want to try to set it up right. Ran optical from dish 722 to TV in on 4520. No problem getting audio.
I have the L&R connected on the sub using a jumper. Does this help or hurt the sub output or should i just do what jt recommend and just use the L imput on the sub. Or does it make any difference. Thanks.
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