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LOL, so true forgot all about that. H2 it is.
Yeah noticed MSG looked a little brighter as well, compared to the past. Too bad it didn't help Lundqvist see the puck. He gave up some howlers.
Heard someone in another forum mention that they won't be if your system is not fully digital. I'm on the Brooklyn system so no issues with that, but I can see how it can tick some folks off when there are channels out there in HD that they can't get. I've been hoping for ID HD, watch that channel a lot. Last of the Discovery suites that we didn't have in HD.
Thx a lot I sent them an email about it, hope it gets rectified.Update: They fixed the logos on the channel guide issue, thx for the email link that helped me send through a message to them Remy, appreciate the help.
Remy this latest update did something odd in Brooklyn. Many of the channel guide logos are now incorrect and all over the place. Is there anyway to notify CV engineers of this or is it a wait and hope they fix it thing. Anyone else on the Brooklyn system seeing this issue as well with their guide for Samsung boxes.
+1 on that,
Fox can suck my schlong, I know the websites to see the football games for free and not a darn thing they can do. Boo hoo, boo hoo, one greedy company vs another greedy company They can both bite me, illegal content my foot. I got your illegal right here you greedy P.I.G.S.
No such thing as too many HD channels, If its some rubbish channel then I guess but I love to surf and see nothing but 1080i and 720p and better yet if the programs are in High Def, I even find myself stopping and watching the Spanish novelas, watch the women in High Def that is. Can never have enough High Definition
Lucky folks, my cheap ar$e cable provider "Cablevision" still hasn't gotten around to adding it here in New York City
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO More garbage that I will never ever, ever, ever watch ala News 12 faux HD
New Posts  All Forums: