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I have the Yamaha RX-V765BL and a Roku connected via HDMI (to HDMI2) The Roku is set to 5.1 surround, but the receiver display shows PCM. I have tried to change the settings for HDMI2 but I can't get 5.1 surround. Any suggestions?
Only had my 650 since 02/13. Had the "rattle" but it didn't bother me. Today the upper right function button is remaining depressed. I can still click it to operate a function, but it clearly seems broken. Guess I will be returning to Amazon....
That worked - thanks for the suggestion.....!
Just picked up a new 650 to replace an old Harmony than fell apart. I "imported" my settings from my old Harmony, and though they are all correct I am experiencing problems with the main activity buttons working properly. Example, I click "Watch TV" and the DVD player goes on but the TV doesn't. Reset the commands manually but it is still happening. Anyone else have similar issues with the 65?
Holy crap. I'm paying Comcast $155 a month for:TVHD-DVR on 1 set/ SD boxes on 2 setsno premium channelsInternetI think I'm getting screwed.
I just bought the 765, and so far it's been a great improvement over my old Onkyo. I have my Comcast HD-DVR connected to the 765 via the digital optical input for audio (AV1) and I've been noticing a slight momentary "chirp" sound in the right front speaker when I initially switch to either OnDemand or the list of recorded programs. This wasn't happening with my old Onkyo, so I'm wondering if it's a receiver issue that anyone else might be experiencing. Yes? No? Maybe so?
Much appreciated. Thanks!
Thanks, eddified. Kind of what I thought, but wasn't 100% sure. Here's my dumb question of the day: I have my BD player connected to the 765 via HDMI. If I'm playing a disc with DTS-HD Master Audio (for example) should the display on the 765 show that? When I hit the Info button it reads PCM.
What's the general thought on the firmware updates? If it ain't broke, don't fix it - or get it anyhow? And does the latest contain all of the previous enhancements, or is it necessary to get them all separately?
Thanks for the answer, rdgrimes! Maybe you could dummy down the Volume Trim option? The manual was somewhat vague on its function, but even less clear on what an appropriate setting might be? My understanding is that it is designed to keep the volume at a consistent level when switching inputs.
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