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Never a problem with Ch. 23 (WIFR). Where are you located?
New channel in Rockford? I see a still picture of a woman displayed at 35.1 (no sound) with no identifying info. Is this a harbinger on a new Rockford channel?
Does Rockford have a new channel or a new sub channel in the mix of things? For the last few days I have found a channel 35.1 when I did a scan with my ATSC tuner. I heard it would be a MeTV channel. Channel 35.1 for the last few days has shown a still picture of a woman, always the same picture, with no channel identification. Does anyone know about this?
Many thanks for the info about OTA reception. Here is where I get my OTA channel programming info:http://tvlistings.aol.com/listings/wi/madison/over-the-air/61103You can bring this up and modify it to fit your location. Of course, it does require the use of your computer and monitor or an occasional printout.
Gracepreacher,Thanks for the info. There has been substantial improvement in the performance of the chips that make up the ATSC tuners the last 2-3 years. If Panasonic put in up-to-date components in its internal ATSC tuner we should expect very good performance, akin to what you have noted.My rooftop antennas get all local (Rockford, IL) stations 100%. Another antenna mounted at the top of the mast and pointed NNW to Madison, WI gets their stations with varying...
ATSC tuner built in for free OTA HDTV programming? What has been the experience of those of you with antennas to pick up OTA programming. using this TV? What is the performance/quality of its built in ATSC tuner? I shut off Comcast 2 months ago and enjoy OTA programs on my standard def SANYO. I hope this U50's pic will be a big improvement. Almost all the OTA programming comes in HD. Thanks for your attention to this and your comments.
Welcome to the new AVS Personally I preferred the "old" AVS with search capabilities.
I would use your two antenna in the opposite manner. Channel 13 (Rockford) is the only VHF station of the bunch and the HBU33 does a great job on it. All the stations in Madison are UHF. Madison channel 3 is really channel 50. I would point the bow tie to Madison and the HBU33 to the Rockford stations. For me an Archer (Radio Shack?) splitter combiner works just as well as the winegard CC7870. It was money wasted to purchase this expensive Winegard product. Over a 3 day...
Prof. Peon, Your advice will be well taken. This eve I will order your recommended Winegard CC-7870 2-Way TV Antenna Joiner Coupler (CC7870) from Solid Signal. The latest two antenna array (4-bow tie and an HBU22) is going to work OK. This AM when there was a solid tropo effect going I got all local and Madison stations loud and clear using just a splitter installed backwards. This afternoon and eve tropo was less powerful and the highest freq. Madison channels (47 and...
Thanks for your comments about joining antennas. I agree with them and you can note that the fine print in my long post mentioned a combiner. I am using a Jerrold FCO-375 to combine the local Yagi for channel 13 (NBC) here in Rockford to the UHF bow tie antenna at the top pointed towards Madison. As inferred, I can join any two antennas OK, it is when trying to join the 3rd trouble starts. Presently, with just the local channel 13 (NBC) and UHF for Madison combined, the...
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