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Does your HDTV have a DVI connector? You can get a HDMI to DVI cord that should work.
What settings do I use if connecting by HDMI sraight to the HDTV using the tv's speakers? Thanks
I am loving my S350, it was easy to set up thanks to settings recommendations on this thread,Thanks to all. Great PQ connected by HDMI to my sony 50" LCD, and optical to my older Sony Dreamsystem reciever, produces fine sound especially DTS. I use the same volume as my HD cable box and HD DVD player, no need to crank it up, also I tried the TV speakers and no volume increase needed there either. I also use an Oppo HDMI switch for my equipment that works great, and a...
Great price on the Mono HDMI switch, I bought the Oppo HM 31 and it works great with my cable box, S350 and HD DVD player, I think you would be happy with a switch, I am.
Thanks, I didn't know I could switch them on the disk.
The audio track on "Crank" is listed as PCM Audio uncompressed and DolbyDigital surround EX, my reciever only works with DD and DTS through optical and on Crank I have no sound on the surround speakers and the rest plays without seperation through the front three so I have to use ProLogic ll. Can anyone explain what is going on here? Is there settings I can use on the S350? I have it set as DDD, DTSTS. Other Blu rays have worked without this problem. Thanks for any help
I couldn't believe they were doing this!
At best buy in Oakdale MN they have a split screen display with Blue ray on one side and Hd dvd on other, the Blue ray side is much brighter clearer and sharper, the Hd Dvd side looks out of focus muddied and muted colors. Would they really manipulate the Hd dvd to look worse?
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