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LOL, hey there buddy, not many concert discs out there these days, think Led Zep was the last one i got, it was ok but nothing to write home about on my system anyway. Kind of got into some 2 channel listening of late with some Kef LS-50's:eek: Great to hear from you again Todd!
Yup, real shame about this thread, it use to be a lot of fun and interesting thoughts to read. Hey there Todd!
I am using a Cambridge Audio 651A via USB audio in from a laptop running iTunes and Apple lossless, sounds freaking awesome:)
I have a PB 13 Ultra, and i understand your comments about a door stop but hey, it just works really well in my room with my gear.YMMV
To be honest I thought I would be returning the Polk for poor SQ etc, but to be honest it really does work very well in the mid bass region which is where I am using it, plenty of tight, punchy slam, quite silly really considering the cost.
Just picked up a Polk PSW 108 do go with my Kef LS 50's 2 channel rig , after reading hundreds of reviews, for music it is an amazing piece of gear, blends very well and absolutely zero boom, might have got location right which helps of course, especially for the cost, haven't tried it with movies yet, my SVS PB 13 Ultra takes care of that down in my HT. For music and the cost....unbeatable!!!!
Apple Lossless via USB to the amp. I play lots of different genres of music, from blues, piano, acoustic, rock, some classical and Phantom of the Opera sounds wicked good:eek:
Congrats on your new speakers! I picked up a pair a couple of weeks ago and drive them with my Cambridge Audio 651A Int amp, simply wonderful . Enjoy folks
Hi there, actually it's my daughters 5 year old HP, but playing iTunes to the USB has a completely quiet sound floor. Cheers
LOL, talk about off topic! My point was that the SQ from the laptop is not even in the same ball park as the BD player and other CD players I have used in the past, of course it could also be the USB DAC in the 651A, anyway, I'm happy I found a system that works for me:)
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