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I'll move my mics aside and snap some more shots. . .
In that picture it was slightly resting on my bass-drum mic thus causing it to bow. . .nothing to do with the screen itself
Installation takes about 5mins [1 screw at each end] if you know where you're going to mount the screen and if you have somebody to hold the fixture. . .not involved at all. . .I'll take a close-up of where it mounts so you guys can get an idea of how it mounts
The instructions(actually, i don't think any were included) leave a bit to be desired but I can think of a few ways to ceiling mount the screen with a minimum amount of additional hardware(I'll use any excuse to go to homedepot). . .as for replacing the wired remote with the wireless. . .you have to remove it as the RF remote has a new in-line wired remote but with an rf receiver for the remote.
. . .and as it turns out, the wireless remote is RF, NOT IR. . .installation wasn't exactly the easiest thing in the world but certainly doable with a little bit of hit'n'miss
Unfortunately, from what I've seen, the drop isn't adjustable. . .about 2 inches give or take. . .stop position is adjustable. . .tensioned screen?
Here are some pics in my garage/studio. . .mind you, I don't claim to be a photographer Regards, Solomon
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