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There is nothing local about Comcast. It is based out of Philadelphia. They are no more innocent than anyone else. In fact, their strongarm tactics with Comcast Sports Philadelphia are a notable exception in sharing channels for a reasonable fee. Satellite customers cannot receive CSN-Phi. That being said, the networks like ESPN, TNT, Disney, FOX News, CNN, and Lifetime are the ones driving up your cable bills the most. Blame them not the satellite or cable...
Why don't you contact the Peoria stations and ask them to add what you want over the air since you live closer to Peoria?http://rabbitears.info/market.php?mktid=145
nearly zero. It is only licensed as a low power station with highly directional antenna since it is on the same frequency as WITI in Milwaukee which is 1 MW. WCHU chose a very bad frequency. There is no reason for Dish, which has limited bandwidth, to add a channel that is rarely watched as WCHU. They'd add subchannels of WLS or WGN before that one if they had a choice.
Great... another stupid FCC move which might trump all of the recent ones. I hope WISN kicks their rear. What a...
If W25DW goes silent some of us will be relieved due to the end of interference to WCGV. That waste signal offers very little to half of Chicagoland except co-channel interference. The other half actually receives it poorly. What a joke. I'm hoping WCHU goes the same way. Why can't these stations move to VHF-HI with a lower transmit power? At least they'd make use of the spectrum better and ...um... get this... HAVE A SIGNAL THAT COVERS MORE THAN CICERO AND NAPERVILLE!
I'm going to mostly agree on this one. I still have no idea why there are 2 versions of Livwell on 7.2 and 7.3. What a waste there. 13.4 is OK, but the signal on that station is pathetic. It's not easy to pull in. I think they'd be better served as a LP translator on RF 7 or 9. RF 4 is a horrendous channel. I would like to tune to a local channel when a storm is moving in. Hell, the station could throw school closings on there too. While we're on the topic of...
That station would be in the Madison DMA, not Chicago, FYI.http://www.newportmedia.com/maps/countyinfo.php?m=85
A better question would be why the FCC planned the transition so poorly and allowed so many adjacent channels, especially in the Chicago area. To me, it'd make sense to throw a few class A stations as first adjacents and the full 300kW-1MW ones would be at least 2 channels away from one another.
Much? and with VHF-DT? I disagree. WWTO doesn't even reliably cover north of I-290. Maybe 1/3 of the metro area, at best. I'll have to look up the article referencing that it is not a must-carry, maybe Trip knows where it is at..
cable companies do not have to carry WWTO. An FCC ruling said it does not significantly serve the Chicago market.
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