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I'm not cutting down the conference at all. The 11am games are second rate since they good ones are at 2:30 and 7pm, but they're still better than 75% of the games in the BigTen(12).
I finally found a use for 7-2. Livwell.. The SEC Network is on Saturdays at 11am. You get 2nd rate SEC games but that's equivalent to a one of the better conference that can't count (Big Ten) games. WCIU must have lost out on the SEC network bidding this year. Now they have the Big East games. The HD during this afternoon's WLS-DT2 game was pretty good. Much better than what WCIU was doing the past 2-3 years.
please see post #11145
Not sure about that one. WCIU PSIP'd 23.2 and 48.1 and 26.1-26.6.
You're really looking for WPVN to move to the Trump Tower and no one knows when. Their website says it was supposed to happen in January. They will be operating 15 kW which is about the same they currently use from the Zurich building in Schaumburg. That's still a far cry from the 1000 kW ERP WPWR and WFLD use.
Probably tropospheric ducting from WXMI over the lake causing issues. Next time it happens see if there is a correlation with this website's forecast: http://www.dxinfocentre.com/tropo.htmlYou can also check realtime APRS (144.39 MHz) data here: http://aprs.mountainlake.k12.mn.us/WGN uses UHF but if VHF is open solid, there is a chance the MUF (maximum usable frequency) sneaks up to 488-494 MHz where WGN Chicago and WXMI Grand Rapids both occupy RF channel 17.
probably not an issue. I think the WLUK translator is W40AN, meaning it transmits on UHF channel 40. The W11CZ channel you are talking about, an Hispanic Christian channel, is on RF 11. Why you'd put it on 11 is beyond me. W40AN maps to 40.1, etc. W11CZ maps to 11.1, etc. So, you get mislead thinking 11.1 is FOX when it isn't unless your high powered beam is pointed towards Green Bay and you are far enough outside Escanaba proper to not get W11CZ. W40AN:...
I think the answer you are looking for is this: Just point the antenna towards South Bend if you want ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, MeTV. If you want Chicago, you will definitely need a nice sized antenna and a preamp. My suggestion is a Channel Master CM-7777 preamp and a Channel Master CM-3020 antenna. The key is to get an antenna that is both VHF and UHF. You can purchase these from Amazon.com or Warren Electronics, most likely. Stay away from Rabbit Ears and cheap...
So what happens to RF7 when (if) WLS leaves? Does it become another home shopping channel or will they push one of those co-channel interferers like W25DW or WCHU there.
Many small towns will have to move their police to 700 MHz from 470 MHz in the next 10 years. So I guess the swap is the municipalities on 470 go to 700 MHz and the broadcasters will nudge in RF 14-15 in NYC, LA, Chi where there were police and fire that get moved?
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