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Nevermind - just looked at some of your posts fordfisher, those pic sizes will probably work. Thanks again!
Thanks fordfisher, is there a max size you can place in photobucket? Will it link to large pics like many other guys have in their threads? I tried to link to pics in shutterfly, and it shows up but the pics displayed are small. I have some layouts and concepts I want to show, and the small pics just won't cut it. Thanks for the help!
Hey guys, I've been lurking for almost two years and am in the planning stages of my first dedicated home theater. My new home is under construction and I'd like to start my own thread to get some questions answered. I've searched for a half hour and can't find any specifics on how to post large pictures like Sandman does for his thread? Do I have to pay for a service to upload these large pictures and link to them? Can you recommend a cheap (or better yet free) site...
Anyone know of any new good deals on HD-DVDs? Just bought the player for the xbox 360...
Agreed, that sucks.
Sweet tip, thanks
I've had good luck with the refurbished stuff I've purchased, I might give this a try. thanks
Heading to Costco... thanks!
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