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It can often be fixed, although in some cases the damage will continue to appear until fixed. I used to have a Sharp tube that we had in a corner of an apartment living room, apparently too close to a wall-mounted air conditioner unit. The upper corner of the TV was always dark as a result, even when moved away from the AC. I figure the magnet in the compressor motor caused the gauss effect. I never did try to fix it (didn't care that much, really). Years ago when I...
I've run into a similar problem with my wii - I'm not sure if it's "normal" for a wii, or if it's something my TV or receiver are doing. My wii outputs 480p to my AVR. If the AVR outputs 1080p (AVR does the scaling), I get black borders. If I set the AVR to output 480p and let the TV do the scaling, there are no black borders.
Does the $1500 budget include a receiver and/or subwoofer?
Yes you need an a receiver.The difference between 2 speakers and 7.1 surround? 5 speakers and a sub.
Thanks. Now I'll never be able to play uncharted again without hearing wheatley's voice.
It's worth a try - I've had very good experiences with their level of service in the past. I once accidentally ordered a previous-gen iPod from newegg the day before the next-gen model came out, and they took it back for a full refund, waiving their 15% restock fee for iPods.
Edit: nevermind
Well I apologize. After looking again it appears I had it all backwards. Windows 7 does NOT allow for multiple simultaneous audio outputs.http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/w...0-2ee7790492f1 I guess when back-tracking through the problems I encountered when I tried to do this a couple weeks ago, I got it backwards. Okay I may have had a couple beverages in me that night. Apparently I was trying to do simultaneous outputs, intending to just turn off my PC speakers when...
Doesn't the PC have both 3.5mm and SPDIF outputs? Why not just connect both the 3.5mm and SPDIF to the PC directly? I did this same thing a couple weeks ago. I use my small PC speakers for general use (3.5mm), but sometimes I use my receiver (SPDIF) for PC audio. If this is the way you go, you should know this: After a good deal of research online, I discovered that Windows 7 doesn't allow you to switch between outputs. Both the 3.5mm and the SPDIF output will be...
Looking for a surround system that gives 110%The Chuck Norris of sound systems.
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